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Hur används ordet close

  • "The plant was closed down in 2000"
  • "The shop intends to close"
  • "Close the books"
  • "The owners decided to move and to close the factory"
  • "Close the door"
  • "The windows closed with a loud bang"
  • "Her arms closed around the little child"
  • "The wound on his back slowly closed up"
  • "Close a case"
  • "They closed the deal on the building"
  • "We closed on the house on Friday"
  • "The concert closed with a nocturne by Chopin"
  • "The shoemaker closes; that means he stiches the uppers together on the shoe"
  • "He closed the door carefully"
  • "He wanted to close his account and open a new one"
  • "the road is closed"
  • "Close an unhappy chapter in one's life"
  • ""The meeting was closed with a charge by the chairman of the board""

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Ordet close inom trafik

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Ordet close inom teknik


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Ordet close inom ALLMÄNT

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Ordet close inom reklam

cease to operate or cause to cease operating; move so that an opening or passage is obstructed; make shut become closed

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Synonymer till close (inom reklam)

Ordet close inom post

sluta sig

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Ordet close inom norgespec

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Ordet close inom sjöfart

complete a business deal, negociation, or an agreement come to a close

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Ordet close inom ekonomi

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Ordet close inom generell

finish or terminate; of meetings, speeches, etc.

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Översättningar (inom generell)

Synonymer till closed (inom generell)

Hur används ordet closed

  • "The many closed streets made travel difficult"
  • "Our neighbors peeped from behind closed curtains"
  • "he sat quietly with closed eyes"
  • "a closed meeting"
  • "A closed mind unreceptive to new ideas"
  • "a closed porch"
  • "the airport is closed because of the weather"
  • "the many closed shops and factories made the town look deserted"

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Vad betyder closed inom generell, generell, generell, generell, generell, generell, generell ?

Not open or affording passage or access

used especially of mouth or eyes

not open to the general public

not having an open mind

blocked against entry

(of the wings of birds and insects) closed together

shut down

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(inom generell)

Synonymer till closed (inom generell)

Uttryck till closed (inom generell)

Möjliga synonymer till closed (inom generell)

Möjliga synonymer till closed (inom generell)

Möjliga synonymer till closed (inom generell)

Möjliga synonymer till closed (inom generell)

Möjliga synonymer till closed (inom generell)

Möjliga synonymer till closed (inom generell)

Ordet closed inom sport

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Synonymer till closed (inom sport)

Möjliga synonymer till closed (inom sport)

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