cut out

cut out
cut out
cut out

Synonymer till cut out

Hur används ordet cut out

  • "cut out paper dolls"
  • "The bicyclist was cut out by the van"
  • "Cut out the extra text"
  • "Picasso cut out a piece of paper in the shape of a guitar"

Ordet cut out har 4 betydelser

  • Inom ALLMÄNT
  • Inom generell
  • Inom bildligt
  • Inom film

Ordet cut out inom generell

delete or remove

form by cutting out

cut out material such as wood, etc., so as to make as certain shape

cease operating; as of machinery: "The pump suddenly cut out"

(inom generell)

Synonymer till cut out (inom generell)

Ordet cut out inom bildligt

Synonymer till cut out (inom bildligt)

Ordet cut out inom film

Synonymer till cut out (inom film)

cut out


Hur används ordet cut out

  • "the cut-out pieces of the dress"

Vad betyder cut out inom generell ?

having been cut out