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Hur används ordet have

  • "the haves and the have-nots"

Vad betyder have inom ålderdomlig ?

well-situated individual

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Hur används ordet have

  • "hold a reception," "have, throw, or make a party", "give a course , etc."
  • "have sense enough to"
  • "have an option on the property"
  • "have a preference for"
  • "have holidays:"
  • "have shared interests"
  • "have a regular employment"
  • "have one intention in life"
  • "have a say in the matter"
  • "ha ett nappatag med"
  • "have a thorough knowledge of"
  • "have a free hand"
  • "ha gott om tid"
  • "How many cars does she have?"
  • "They have to be kidding"
  • "have a feeling"
  • "Have another bowl of chicken soup!" "I don't take sugar in my coffee"
  • "I won't have this dog in my house!"
  • "The only girl who would have him was the miller's daughter"
  • "have to do with"
  • "have in mind"
  • "have objection to"
  • "have a high opinion of"
  • "have an affaire with"
  • "ha en dålig vana"
  • "have a screw loose"
  • "They have a lot of worry over things"
  • "have mercy upon me"
  • "speak well about him"
  • "We have only one day left"
  • "Have a good time"
  • "He has the future before him"
  • "Have you got time to finish the report today?"
  • "He has money and she has beautiful blue eyes"
  • "Have you any idea where it is?"
  • "He did not have many customers"
  • "They have trouble with him"
  • "They have doubts about Kerry because they suspect..."
  • "he have a poetic vein"
  • "have a spare moment"
  • "have words with someone"
  • "have a different opinion from"
  • "have a bad conscience"
  • "ha dåligt minne"
  • "have fun"
  • "have use for"
  • "If you have proof of..."
  • "He must have time to think it over"
  • "He has plenty of money"
  • "He has got two beautiful daughters"
  • "I'm so hungry, I really must have a hamburger"
  • "have a postdoc"
  • "have an assistant"
  • "have a lover"
  • "I have two years left"
  • "I don't have any money left" "They had two more games left"
  • "Now we have a fine mess"
  • "The stocks had a fast run-up"
  • "She has arthritis"
  • "Nicklaus had a 70"
  • "The Brazilian team got 4 goals"
  • "She made 29 points that day"

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  • Inom ålderdomlig
  • Inom generell
  • Inom formell stil
  • Inom bildligt
  • Inom dryck
  • Inom tennis
  • Inom film
  • Inom sport
  • Inom religion
  • Inom teknik
  • Inom ALLMÄNT
  • Inom lingvistik
formell stil

Ordet have inom ålderdomlig

Översättningar (inom ålderdomlig)

Synonymer till have (inom ålderdomlig)

Ordet have inom generell

have or possess, either in a concrete or an abstract sense: "She has $1,000 in the bank"

have as a feature

have a personal or business relationship with someone

have left

be confronted with: "What do we have here?"


suffer from; be ill with

achieve a point or goal, as in a sport

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Synonymer till have (inom generell)

Uttryck till have (inom generell)

Ord i uttryck för have (inom generell)

have är en/ett (inom generell)

Ordet have inom formell stil

Översättningar (inom formell stil)

Synonymer till have (inom formell stil)

Möjliga synonymer till have (inom formell stil)

Ordet have inom bildligt

something that you own; something that's legally yours

Synonymer till have (inom bildligt)

Möjliga synonymer till have (inom bildligt)

Ordet have inom dryck

Synonymer till have (inom dryck)

Möjliga synonymer till have (inom dryck)

Ordet have inom tennis

Synonymer till have (inom tennis)

Möjliga synonymer till have (inom tennis)

Ordet have inom film

take something to eat

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Synonymer till have (inom film)

Möjliga synonymer till have (inom film)

Ordet have inom sport

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Synonymer till have (inom sport)

Ordet have inom religion

Synonymer till have (inom religion)

Ordet have inom teknik

Synonymer till have (inom teknik)

Ordet have inom ALLMÄNT

Synonymer till have (inom ALLMÄNT)

Möjliga synonymer till have (inom ALLMÄNT)

Ordet have inom lingvistik

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Synonymer till have (inom lingvistik)

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