Synonymer till extensive

Hur används ordet extensive

  • "extensive press coverage"
  • "extensive examples of picture writing"
  • "suffered extensive damage"
  • "an extensive Roman settlement in northwest England"
  • "had extensive press coverage"
  • "producing wheat under extensive conditions"
  • "agriculture of the extensive type"

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  • Inom generell
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formell stil

Ordet extensive inom teknik

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Ordet extensive inom generell

large in extent or range

of agriculture; increasing productivity by using large areas with minimal outlay and labor

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(inom generell)

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Ordet extensive inom formell stil

having broad range or effect

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Synonymer till extensive (inom formell stil)

Möjliga synonymer till extensive (inom formell stil)

Ordet extensive inom ALLMÄNT

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Synonymer till extensive (inom ALLMÄNT)

Möjliga synonymer till extensive (inom ALLMÄNT)

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