Synonymer till conclusion

Hur används ordet conclusion

  • "The conclusion of the deal/treaty"
  • "Did you come to/reach/draw any conclusion?.."
  • "I've come to the conclusion that..."
  • "he drew his conclusions quickly"
  • "his conclusion took the evidence into accout"
  • "he left before the conclusion"
  • "Sadly at the conclusion of the film we still don't have a clear picture of who she was"
  • "in conclusion I want to say..."
  • "In conclusion, I should like to say something"
  • "The conclusion is false"
  • "The premises of the argument are true and the conclusion is false"

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  • Inom ekonomi
  • Inom ALLMÄNT
  • Inom formell stil
  • Inom brittisk engelska
  • Inom matematik
formell stil
brittisk engelska

Ordet conclusion inom ekonomi

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Ordet conclusion inom ALLMÄNT

the last section of a communication

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Synonymer till conclusion (inom ALLMÄNT)

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Ordet conclusion inom formell stil

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Synonymer till conclusion (inom formell stil)

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Ordet conclusion inom brittisk engelska

formell stil, avslutningsvis

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Synonymer till conclusion (inom brittisk engelska)

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Ordet conclusion inom matematik

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Möjliga synonymer till conclusion (inom matematik)

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    exemplet "his conclusion took the evidence into accout" -> "... accouNt"