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Hur används ordet responsive

  • "responsive reading"
  • "children are often the quickest and most responsive members of the audience"
  • "a personality responsive to your desires"
  • "a responsive student"
  • "keeping government in America responsive to the will of the people"

Ordet responsive har 4 betydelser

  • Inom militärväsen
  • Inom generell
  • Inom religion
  • Inom arkitektur

Vad betyder responsive inom militärväsen ?

readily reacting to people or events; showing emotion

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Ordet responsive inom generell

susceptible to suggestion

susceptible to the feelings or attitudes of others

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Mindre vanlig betydelse av ordet responsive inom religion

(religion) containing or using responses or antiphons recited or sung in alternation

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Synonymer till responsive (inom religion)

Mindre vanlig betydelse av ordet responsive inom arkitektur

readily reacting to suggestions and influences

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