played out


Hur används ordet played out

  • "the trembling of his played out limbs"
  • "a played out deck of cards"

Vad betyder played out inom generell, generell ?

worn out

Möjliga synonymer till played out

Diskussion om ordet played out

play out

play out
played out
played out

Hur används ordet play out

  • "We've got to play this out"
  • "My strength was played out early in the contest."
  • "Some 800 000 times a day, this tableau of temptation, fear and exhilaration plays out in the humdrum aisles of department stores."

Ordet play out har 3 betydelser

  • Inom ALLMÄNT
  • Inom anatomi
  • Inom musik

Vad betyder play out inom ALLMÄNT ?

perform to the end; play (a game) to a finish

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Ordet play out inom anatomi

Översättningar (inom anatomi)

Synonymer till play out (inom anatomi)

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Ordet play out inom musik

Översättningar (inom musik)

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