Synonymer till distant

Hur används ordet distant

  • "We're bound for distant countries"
  • "I hear the sound of distant drums"
  • "the distant past"
  • "distant villages"
  • "the sound of distant traffic"
  • "a distant sound"
  • "a distant telephone call"
  • "a distant cousin"
  • "a distant likeness"
  • "distant lands"
  • "distant events"
  • "She seemed a little distant"
  • "a distant smile"
  • "He treated her with distant politeness"

Ordet distant har 3 betydelser

  • Inom vardagligt
  • Inom teknik
  • Inom generell

Ordet distant inom vardagligt

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Synonymer till distant (inom vardagligt)

Ordet distant inom teknik

separated in space or time or coming from or going to a distance far apart in relevance or relationship far distant in space far distant in time

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Synonymer till distant (inom teknik)

Möjliga synonymer till distant (inom teknik)

Ordet distant inom generell

Översättningar (inom generell)

Möjliga synonymer till distant (inom generell)

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