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Hur används ordet remember

  • "We remembered the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz"
  • "Remember the dead of the First World War"
  • "Remember me to your wife"
  • "can you remember her phone number?" "Do you remember that he once loved you?"
  • "Remember the Alamo"
  • "Remember to call your mother every day!"
  • "he remembered how he used to pick flowers"
  • "He remembered her in his will"
  • "remember me in your prayers"
  • "After the shelling, many people lost the ability to remember"
  • "some remember better than others"

Ordet remember har 4 betydelser

  • Inom data
  • Inom politik
  • Inom generell
  • Inom ålderdomlig

Ordet remember inom data

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Ordet remember inom politik

recall knowledge from memory; have a recollection: "I can't remember saying any such thing"

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Ordet remember inom generell

keep in mind for attention or consideration

recapture the past; indulge in memories

show appreciation to

mention favourably, as in prayer

exercise, or have the power of, memory

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Ordet remember inom ålderdomlig

Synonymer till remember (inom ålderdomlig)

Diskussion om ordet remember

  • - 2008-11-24

    när man skriver in remember får man som första ord fram hälsa! hur kan det ens vara möjligt?!