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by a circular or circuitous route
  • "He came all the way around the base"
  • "the road goes around the pond"
  • "dirty clothes lying around (or about)"
  • "There were trees growing all around"
  • "The north pole has frigid weather the year around"
  • "the sack weighs around a hundred pounds"
  • "she waited around for the next flight"
  • "the kids were hanging around the mall"
  • "she looked around in search for a place to sit"
  • "the traffic delayed me, I'll be home around 10 pm"


to a particular destination either specified or understood
  • "she came around to see me"
  • "I invited them around for supper"
in circumference
  • "the trunk is ten feet around"
  • "the pond is two miles around"


  • "They walked around in the park"