Synonymer till serious

Hur används ordet serious

  • "a serious question"
  • "a serious book"
  • "marriage is a serious matter"
  • "a serious drinker"
  • "a serious attempt to learn to ski"
  • "gave me a serious look"
  • "a serious young man"
  • "Are you serious or joking?"
  • "Don't be so serious!"
  • "this question is not quite serious"
  • "serious objections to the proposal"
  • "a serious tennis player"
  • "a serious student of history"
  • "a serious judgement"

Ordet serious har 2 betydelser

  • Inom nedsättande
  • Inom vardagligt

Vad betyder serious inom nedsättande ?

concerned with work or important matters rather than play or trivialities

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Synonymer till serious (inom nedsättande)

Möjliga synonymer till serious (inom nedsättande)

Ordet serious inom vardagligt

of great consequence

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